Insurance Products

McCluskey Insurance Brokers can offer you:-

Personal Risk Analysis - We will conduct a comprehensive review of your business/individual needs and objectives to ensure we obtain a good general knowledge of your property and/or business and that the policies presented become best suited to you.

Save you money - The simplest of motives! With access to many policies and discounts from insurers across Australia, we are well placed to find you a competitively priced product that meets your needs.

Save you time - Of course you could spend days, weeks, even months finding the best policy for yourself or your organisation....but do you want to?  Let us use our experience and systems to do what it could take you months to do.

Ensure you have the right insurance cover - Do you have enough insurance cover if the worst should happen? Are you paying for insurance cover that you do not need? Many people just do not get it right and, unfortunately, many will only find this out when they make a claim.  As insurance professionals we will make sure that the policy you choose will be right for your needs.

A Professional on your side during a claim - Claims can be a stressful process that is not always helped by having to 'negotiate ' direct with an insurance company.  Having us on your side, someone you knows the process and talks the same 'language' as an insurer can make this quicker, easier and less stressful.

A choice of policies - we have access to many policies from numerous different insurers, giving you the widest choice possible